National Grand Prix – Update #2

Today is the LAST day for early entries.  If you haven’t already sent your entry and payment in, then you will need to use our online entries and online payment.

A few extra tips:

  • if you are staying onsite at AELEC, don’t forget to include the name of your group coordinator in the box provided.  We will be sending out a note to everyone with request for you to provide specific information about your preferences.
  • any updates (including team members) should be emailed to and we will append this information to your original entry.  Don’t forget to include your membership number and your dog’s registered name and registered number in all of your emails.
  • a few members have reported incidence of an historical transaction (already paid) reappearing in their ADAA shopping basket/cart.  Our investigations, so far, have found that it occurs when a members has (by one means or another) gone back to an historic browser URL.  We are working on a permanent programming fix, as it is a glitch in the software that we are using.  In the meantime, all you need to do (having satisfied yourself that the transaction has previously been completed) is hit the red x next to the historic (previously paid) transaction in your shopping cart.  That should leave you with just your National Grand Prix entry showing, which you can then pay.

Michelle-Anne Kenny
National Grand Prix Co-ordinator