National Grand Prix – Update #1

National Grand Prix (NGP) online entries are working well.  A big thank you to everyone who has jumped in and completed their entry.  Don’t forget you have until this Friday (14 July 2017) to qualify for early entry price.   If you choose to not use paypal, your cheque/money order should arrive by Friday too.   With various changes to postal delivery, if you haven’t already posted your payment, we strongly recommend you utilise Express Post to ensure it arrives in time.

A few pointers:

  • don’t forget to have a look at and read through the Schedule, even though the entry is online.  The Schedule has a lot of important information, especially cutoff dates and conditions of entry.
  • even if you don’t wish to utilise paypal, you can complete your entry online and simply include your form reference with your payment.
  • you can select the option for your dog to be a member of a team, even if he/she doesn’t currently its AAD title (criteria for competing in the team events at the NGP).  However if your dog (or any of its team-mates) has not achieved its AAD title by the cutoff date then the team will have to find a new team-mate.  Similarly if you don’t know the details of your whole team, then enter TBA as the dog’s name, and you can advise us by email later.
  • there will be no extension of payment… you need to pay by early close of entries to get the early fee.
  • if you are camping on-site, don’t forget to include the name of your group coordinator in the designated box.

Please note that all queries, including all changes after submitting your entry, should be directed to  This ensures that the information will get to the correct volunteers for action.  Don’t forget to include your membership number and your dog’s registered name and registered number in all of your emails.

Michelle-Anne Kenny
National Grand Prix Co-ordinator