ADAA Policies

ADAA is in the process of developing guidelines and reviewing existing policies. All current guidelines and associated forms will be linked on this page and available for download in PDF format.

Annual Canine Awards Policy – ADAA has several annual awards based competitions for Dogs registered with ADAA. The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidelines for Members for participation in the Medallion Stakes, Medallion Stakes Invitational and the Regional Dog of the Year competitions.

Canine Awards Rounds 2017/2018 – Relates to the Annual Canine Awards Policy.

Dog Injury Policy For Competition – This Policy is to ensure that dogs are fit and healthy for competition.

Canine Contagious Diseases Policy – (replaces the Interim Kennel Cough Policy)

See also: Canine Contagious Diseases Policy – ADAA FAQ for Members.
The same information is also available as a PowerPoint Slide Show – ADAA FAQ for Members
This replaces the Interim Kennel Cough Policy Notice (Member Notices)

Dog Measuring Policy – Outlines the dog measuring rules and avenues for the re-measuring of Dogs.

Application for Height Re-Measurement Form – Form relates to the Dog Measuring Policy.
Members can check their dog’s measurement details on the My Details page.

Member Pack Name Policy – The Pack Name is a fun suffix unique to ADAA Members, and can be appended to a Dog’s name so that all dogs belonging to a Member are immediately recognisable. This Policy explains the use of Pack Names.

Competition Cancellation Policy – As a general rule, once an ADAA sanctioned Competition schedule is advertised on the ADAA website, every effort should be made by the Club to ensure that the Competition is not cancelled. However it is acknowledged that there are circumstances, from time-to-time that make the holding of a Competition to not be in the best interests of members and/or their dogs or their joint welfare and/or circumstances beyond the control of the Club that preclude the holding of the Competition, as advertised.

Extreme Weather Policy – The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidelines for managing various weather conditions that may arise at competitions and events. This involves both preplanning and emergency protocols.

Competition Cancellation Policy – relates to the Extreme Weather Policy
Risk Management Policy – relates to the Extreme Weather Policy
Refund Policy – relates to the Extreme Weather Policy

Refund Policy – The Board of Directors of the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd seeks to minimise cheque payments to be raised where an error has been made by a member or other payer, however this Policy provides guidance to determine in which circumstances a refund will be made, any charges to be deducted and the issue of credit vouchers in lieu of refund payment.

Complaints and Grievance Policy – The Board of Directors of the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd is committed to supporting the decisions of its Judges in officiating at Competitions held in accordance with the Agility Regulations however this Policy provides Competitors with a means to formally obtain a review of a decision by a Judge.

Competition Complaint Form – Form relates to the Complaints and Grievance Policy. Forms lodged on day of Competition must be handed to the Competition Secretary within 30 minutes of the Time of Incident. All other forms must be received by the ADAA Secretary within three working days of the Competition and MAY NOT be handed to the Competition Secretary.
Competition Incident Reports – Members are reminded that it is their obligation to report incidents of dog aggression, harsh handling or bad sportsmanship that they witness anywhere within the Competition precinct (excluding in the ring) to an officiating Judge. Rule 16.5 In such an event, a Competition Incident Report form is available from the Competition Secretary or Judge. This form must be completed by the Member and signed off by the officiating Judge.

Communication with Members Policy – ADAA offers membership with electronic communication at significantly discounted membership rates to reflect the cost differential in using emails rather than postal services for distribution of notices and information. ADAA will not be responsible for determining an alternate mailing address (email or postal) if the information provided by a member is found to be erroneous or obsolete.

Membership details can can be changed on-line on the My Details page. Alternatively members can complete the Membership Change Form – Form relates to the Communication with Members Policy and can be used to submit contact details change (Address / Phone / Email) or to add and remove member(s) on your Membership . Completed Form to be signed and returned to the ADAA Secretary.
Overseas Competitor Policy – This Policy will provide guidelines to international visitors wanting to compete at ADAA competitions whilst travelling in Australia. Occasionally a person travelling from overseas with an agility background may decide to compete at an ADAA competition during their visit, either with a borrowed dog or their own dog. This person may also be someone who has loaned their own dog to a Member of Team Australia during an IFCS World Agility Championship.

Privacy Policy – Your privacy is important. The Board of the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (ADAA) is committed to protecting the quality and privacy of personal information with the Association collects, holds and administers.

Social Media Policy – This Policy sets out ADAA’s rules regarding appropriate use of Social Media including the use of ADAAChat, Facebook and any other social media sites that will be used currently or in the future to discuss ADAA and its business.

ADAA Credit Card Policy – This policy acts as the authority for the use of Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (ADAA) Credit Cards. See also the Refund Policy.

ADAA Credit Card Issue Form – relates to the Credit Card Policy
ADAA Credit Card Holder List Form – relates to the Credit Card Policy

Member Awards Policy – ADAA Awards exist to recognise the valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of the Association. In particular, the Awards system described within this policy is intended to recognise a wide range of contributions – more than simply being a long-term ADAA member. For the purpose of this policy document, the term “Award” includes Life Membership.

Member Award Form – Microsoft Word document – Form relates to the Member Awards Policy and is for the use of ADAA Clubs or ADAA Directors. Completed Form to be signed and returned to the ADAA Secretary.

Risk Management Policy – Many incidents occur because there are no formal procedures leading to safe practices or processes. With this in mind, a strategy has been designed to assist in the development of formal procedures and to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury or incident.

Agility Competition Sample List of Risks – Outlines some of the risks associated with holding an Agility competition.
Risk Identification Worksheet – To be completed, refer to Risk Management Policy and Sample List of Risks above.
Risk Assessment Worksheet – To be completed, refer to Risk Management Policy and Sample List of Risks above.
Risk Control Worksheet – To be completed, refer to Risk Management Policy and Sample List of Risks above.

Member Protection Policy – ADAA has prepared a draft Member Protection Policy that will apply to ADAA members and events, and has specific reference to our Child Protection requirements. Until the full policy is posted to our webpage, any queries/issues regarding Member Protection Policy should be referred to ADAA’s Secretary.

Directors Code of Conduct – The Board has adopted a Code of Conduct for Directors to promote ethical and responsible decision-making by the Directors. The code is based on a code of conduct for Directors prepared by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

IFCS World Agility Championships Selection Policies and Expression of Interest Forms. These documents set out the process that the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (ADAA) will use to select Team Australia for the IFCS World Agility Championships. The IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC) provides an opportunity for handlers from member countries to participate at an international level. ADAA is seeking to select the best team possible (including Team Manager and Team Coach), taking into account that handlers will be running dogs supplied by the host country for the event, to represent Australia.

Selection Policies / Expression of Interest Forms for WAC:

Team Handler Selection Policy – PDF

Team Handler Expression of Interest Form – PDF

Team Coach Selection Policy – PDF

Team Coach Expression of Interest Form – PDF

Team Manager Selection Policy – PDF

Team Manager Expression of Interest Form – PDF

Australia has been represented at every IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC) since 2004…. initially as judges and/or officials, then as competitors for the first time in 2006 (Belgium). In 2010 Australia was represented at IFCS WAC held in UK by its first full team. This was followed by a full team in 2012 (USA) and a near-full team in 2014 (Netherlands), and teams in 2015 (Italy) and 2017 (Spain).

Representing your country at the World Championships is an honour to be cherished. Nevertheless the experience for Team Australia is different to nearly all of the other countries as we utilise host dogs…. so that means forging (often lifetime) friendships with host dog owners and sometimes digging deep in your dog training skills as well as competing against the top handlers and dogs in the world.

If you think you have the qualities and attributes to be a Team Australia Manager, Coach or Handler, pls read through the documents and submit your Expression of Interest. If you are interested in attending the WAC and taking a more supportive role, you would be welcome to join as ‘Crew Members’, and just as welcome as supporters…. We definitely have the reputation as the team with the best ‘chant’….. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the ADAA Secretary if you have any questions regarding the policies.

Jo Lewohl's Pepper - photo by Rosie Milton