Login Help

Logins are set up for current ADAA members that have an email address recorded with ADAA.

Your Username is your membership number with the “/” replaced with “-” and no leading 0’s or letters. e.g. 9876-1

To obtain a Password, reset your Password, or if you have forgotten your Password, click on the Password button below. This will send you to a form where you can put in your Username, and then a link to set your password will be emailed to you.


If you have problems or need more help please read the notes below:

When you click on the link in the Password Reset email that is sent to you, the system will come up with a complex password for your own safety. You do not have to accept this password, you can just delete it and put in your own, but please make sure it is complicated enough to stop anybody accessing your details. (Using your dog’s name is probably not great security.) Just remember to click the Reset Password button to save the new password before you try to log in.

Please note that for the member login system, no two members can have the same email address. To get around this, if there is more than one ADAA member using the same email address, then the email address in the login system for the second member is modified to have “+2” or similar added to the end. Most major email systems such as Gmail will still deliver an email with a “+” added on the end to the original email address, however some smaller systems may not. If you share your email address with another member and you do not receive your password reset emails then you will need to supply ADAA Admin with a separate email address.