Dog Registration Form

Dog Registration
See note regarding Dog's Name below
See Program note below
See Height note below

Dog's Name Note: Enter the Dog's Name, exactly as it is to appear on entry forms and certificates. It can be pet (call) name, pedigreed or other chosen name. It is suggested that you don't include titles as they may become outdated. Please note that changing/updating a title that's included in the name registered, or changing any part of the name at a later date will incur a change fee.

Height Note: Enter in millimetres measured at the wither. This can be done at your first competition and ADAA's records updated. Excluding dogs in the Maxi Class, this will need to be confirmed by 2 judges prior to any title being awarded.

Program Note: Please refer to ADAA’s Agility Regulations for more information on the Programs. The Agility Regulations can be purchased from ADAA for $10.00 (including postage). See an overview on our website at .

  • International Program: This is the default Program. The specific details of the International Program are defined within Section 4 of the ADAA Agility Regulations.
  • Regular Program: Dog owners(s) may request that their dog be placed on the Regular Program upon initial registration. The specific details of the Regular Program are defined within Section 5 of the ADAA Agility Regulations.
  • Transferring a dog(s) between the International Program and Regular Program: A dog may transfer between the two Programmes a maximum of three times in their life. There are some Regulations that recognise titles earned in other Programs and that restrict entry into the different levels when transferring between Programs. Full explanations are contained in the ADAA Agility Regulations. The fee for transferring a dog is $10.00 and a Dog Transfer form is required.

Registered Owner(s) of Dog:

eg 6789-1
(Membership No. not required for new members.)

eg 6789-1
(Membership No. not required for new members.)

eg 6789-1
(Membership No. not required for new members.)


I/We declare that dog listed on this Dog registration form is not (in full or part) an American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Argentine Fighting Dog, Brazilian Fighting Dog and/or any other breed which may be deemed as a restricted dog. Nor are any of them individual dogs(s) which have be deemed as dangerous dogs as defined in the Companion Animal Act 1988 (NSW) and/or defined in any other State, Territory or the Commonwealth of Australia equivalent Act.

  • Privacy: Some of the information you provide may be released to clubs holding an ADAA competition. This information is: Your Name, ADAA Membership No, Phone No., Email Address, Dog Name, Dog Height, Dog Title(s) and Dog ADAA Registration No. The same information is required on any Competition Entry Form. This information is used for competition management and for printing running orders, scribe and score sheets, and ADAA Clear Round / Qualifying Cards only.
  • To Submit this form click on the Submit Dog Registration button at the end of this page. Successful submission will take you to a confirmation page. Please print a copy of the confirmation page and forward it to ADAA with your payment for processing.
  • Please allow 14 days after Submission for processing of this request. Any enquiries should be made a minimum of 21 days after Submission. The applicant(s) may not enter an ADAA competition without having received their ADAA dog registration confirmation and registration details Your requested changes will not show in your My Details page until they have been processed by ADAA Admin.
  • Upon initial membership of ADAA (any category) registration of 1 dog is at no cost to the member. Registration of additional dog(s) with initial membership application or at a later date will be charged at a fee of $10.00 per dog.
  • The applicant has read and understands the refund policy which is available at and by lodging the form, the applicant agrees with and is bound by the refund policy.
  • Cheques / Australia Post Money Orders should be made payable to: Agility Dog Association Of Australia Ltd.
  • Cheques / Australia Post Money Orders and a printed copy of the confirmation page of this form should be sent to:
    The Secretary
    Agility Dog Association Of Australia Ltd
    PO Box 2212
    Gailes Qld 4300
  • Before submitting double check that the details you have provided are correct - thanks.