Dog Measure Information for Members

The below is for member information only. If your dog is showing no official measure height and is not in Maxi height class, or you believe the official height is not correct, please contact

Please allow 3 weeks after your official measure for your details to be lodged and processed.

Dog Measure Member Submit
e.g. AF789

Please note this will reflect the first height and date of measure unless a subsequent measurement (as required/allowed under ADAA’s rules) affects the Height Class of the dog. View the ADAA Dog Measuring Policy.

Agility Regulation 12.5 (View Rules and Regulations)
Dogs not entered in Maxi Class must be measured by at least one Judge, at a Competition, prior to competing. Dogs must be a minimum of 18 months of age at the date of measuring however all Dogs up to and including 24 months of age at the date of measuring, that are within 20 mm of their height class maximum, must be re-measured on or before the Dog reaches 30 months of age (unless they are in excess of 500 mm in height, measured at the wither). A Dog must be measured by two Judges (at a Competition) prior to the Owner submitting an application for Title that includes Clear Round, Qualifying, International and/or JHOT Certificates for Toy, Mini and/or Midi Class.