About ADAA

ADAA was formed in 1994 to promote international standard Agility to all dog owners and to encourage the public to involve their pets more in ‘fun’ activities. ADAA also formulates rules and guidelines for the conduct of Agility competitions. Agility tests are designed for the enjoyment of the handler, the dog, and for spectator appeal, within the constraints of safety.

ADAA Ltd is run by volunteers.  Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Who can Participate?

Anyone who wants to spend time with their canine buddy – male and female, young and old, people with disabilities, everyone. The sport is for all dogs also – whether they are big or small, pure bred or cross breeds. As long as your dog is healthy you can give agility a go. The best way to find out if Agility is for you and your dog is to TRY it. The obstacles are relatively easy to train and are taught in a fun, positive manner. Training progresses as the dog and handler gain confidence. If you are thinking about joining ADAA and would like some more information, visit our Join ADAA pages. There may also be an ADAA Club near you.

My dog is very small / very large

ADAA offer four different height divisions for dogs, which compete separately. All heights are measured at the wither. There is Toy Class, Mini Class, Midi Class and Maxi Class. The smallest of dogs can have a great time as well as the large dogs. All of the classes have different jump heights for dogs. These jumping height classes were developed to international standards. Toy and Mini have more time to complete a course because of their shorter legs. You can learn more about the different classes on our Rules and Regulations page.

What type of competitions can my dog and I enjoy?

ADAA offer a variety of Tests and Games so there is something to suit every dog and handler team. You can enjoy Agility and Jumping Tests, Individual Games as well as Pair and Team Games and there are sometimes Challenge events that take place over a couple of days. Our Rules and Regulations page has more information about the variety of Events and Levels. You can also visit our Titles page to see the types of awards that you and your dog can earn as you start to enjoy Agility competitions.