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Agility Dog Association of Australia

Promoting International Agility, the Global Dog Sport.

We hope you find our website helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact ADAA if you have any questions or require information about dog agility or our organisation.  ADAA is run by Volunteers – by agility people for agility people and their agility dogs.

ADAA Vision

To be recognised internationally and within Australia as a leader in the promotion and development of the global sport of Agility.

ADAA Mission

We want to provide a service that supports all members in pursuing Agility as a safe and fun sporting activity, from a local community to an international level.  We are going to achieve this by:

  • Listening to the needs of members
  • Promoting competitions
  • Training judges
  • Quality rulebook
  • Support to affiliated clubs and groups
  • Promote growth of the sport
  • Development of skills
  • Relationships with like bodies
  • Effective communication
  • Recognition of achievements

Member of the IFCS

Australia has been represented at every IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC) since 2004, initially as judges and/or officials, then as competitors for the first time in 2006 (Belgium).  Australia competed in the 5th World Agility Championships held in England during May 2010.  The 6th World Agility Championships were held in the United States of America in May 2012 with Australia competiting. Visit the WAC website.

The IFCS was founded as a union of national dog sports organisations.  One of the main goals of the IFCS is a development of dog sport at an international level, its integration to the international sports system and the Olympic movement.

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