Website Upgrade and Online Payments

I have such exciting news for everyone.  ADAA’s website portal is now ready for you to use.

The portal includes My Details for you to view your membership and dog information.  This includes a bunch of great stuff all in one place, like your handler awards, your dogs’ titles, dogs’ measurements and when your membership is next due for renewal.  There are also linked forms, which will populate with YOUR information when you use them and then send this information electronically to ADAA.  Best of all (yes I’ve saved the best until last), we now have an online payment option through PayPal.  This means you can complete and lodge your form, pay electronically and (with the exception of titles… see below) you don’t have to post anything to us.  You will receive an email when your form gets lodged with ADAA, and another email when it’s been processed.  How good is that???

For dog’s titles, we do (at this point) still need to sight and update your clear round and/or qualifying certificates, but you just send those to us with the reference number and we will process from there.

So…. what should you do now… login and have a look around. Just click on this link and you will be able to login (you will see details of how to get your password).  Then check to see if we have your, and your dogs’, information correct.  If not, complete and submit an update form.  Also check to see if your renewal is due.  If so, then jump in now and get your renewal done.

What’s next…. we have some more background work to do on our website, however our next release will be new member & dog registration forms and payment.  The next member release will be recognising dogs as part of our families and introducing Member “Pack Names”. 

Don’t forget to login to your member portal and check it out…

Cathy Slot