Team Australia – 2012 World Agility Championships (USA – May 2012)

Follow the links below to view photos / videos of Team Australia. These are also on the ADAA Facebook page.

Compilation Video of Team Australia at the IFCS WAC 2012 – thank you to everyone at home and abroad who helped Team Australia before, during and after the WAC (thanks to Natalie Kirkwood for the video).

Snapshots of Team Australia at play and in training during the lead up to the WAC .

Team Australia members with the Team Australia Dogs (thanks to Natalie Kirkwood).

Photos of the Team in action during the event (Facebook) (thanks to Wim Bekendam).

More photos of the Team in action during the event (Picasa) (thanks to Wim Bekendam).

Compilation Video of team training on 10 May 2012 (thanks to Natalie Kirkwood and Robyn Williams).

Team Australia – in uniform with dogs 🙂
(photo – Marla Friedler Cooper)

“Whistle while you work” – forget the glamour of WAC, this is agility reality 🙂
(photo – Steve Drinkwater)

This is how you relax in Texas after a hard days work!
(photo – Jeannie Bonsignore)

Amin Awad and Devo …. staring Amin’s Red Shoes
(photo – Steve Drinkwater)

Ian Weston and Elf ….. this way please 🙂
(photo – Steve Drinkwater)

Damian Noud …… practicing Saturday Night Fever moves …… the
tyre is not quite good enough cover 🙂
(photo – Steve Drinkwater)