How to Apply for Titles over Multiple Day Competitions

On application for Title, “original” Clear Round and / or Qualifying Certificates and payment may be presented to an ADAA judge, for dogs that earn a Title during the first days of a multiple day competition. In order for the title to be effective for the second day, the Application and all associated paperwork / payment must be received by the judge on the first day, not on the morning of the next competition.

Original Certificates will be checked and the judge may provisionally grant the Title, subject to ratification by the Secretary of ADAA.

In the event that an error is detected by the Secretary during processing (eg insufficient Clear Round and / or Qualifying Certificates, Certificates earned prior to the previous title being issued, Qualifying Certificate utilised to gain another Title), then any Clear Round and / or Qualifying Certificates earned will be treated as if the dog had not been granted the Title in question.

Download a Title Application Form for printing at our Forms page.