Title Application Forms

14.12.2010 – There is now the option to purchase an additional Title Certificate for $10.00 when you are applying for a Title. This additional certificate would be a great gift for your dog’s breeder, for a supportive family member or friend, or for that special person in your dog’s agility life.

25.08.2014 – ADAA issues titles based on the date the application, associated documents and payment, are received at our PO Box. We just want to let members know that (regular) Australia Post items are regularly taking more than a week to arrive. This includes letters & documents, whether it’s within the Brisbane metropolitan area or other areas and seems to be an increasing trend, unfortunately outside our control. Please bear this in mind when posting to us.

Cathy Slot
Chairman, ADAA

*** Please allow 21 days for processing after you mail your title application ***
You can check your title(s) in the Hall of Fame.
If you have any queries after allowing 21 days please email titles@adaa.com.au.

Title Badges are able to be ordered when submitting your Title Application.

Title Badges are available in the following shapes and colours:

Triangle Title Badges:
COMBINED TITLES (BAAD / AAD / AATD) – Green/Gold or Red/White (please make colour selection on form)
REGULAR TITLES – Red/White only
IAD TITLE – Purple/White only
JUNIOR HANDLER TITLE – Orange/White only

Large Oval Title Badges:
MAAD or AAC – Green/Gold only
IAD – Purple/White only
RMAAD or RAAC – Red/White only

SPECIAL on Superseded Title Badge Colours – there are some superseded title badges available in other colours. Colours are Black/White, Maroon/White & Blue/White – $5-00 each – Order from our Agility Shop.

The applicant/member has read and understands the refund policy which is available at
and by signing and lodging the form, the applicant/member agrees with and is bound by the refund policy.