Parramatta International Canine Sports Inc

Saturday 21st October 2017

Competition Entry Information

Venue: Blacktown City Canine Centre, Lot 1 – 2 Owen Street, Glendenning, NSW.
Vetting: Formal vetting will not be conducted; however the club reserves the right to vet any dog present on the grounds on the day.
Dog Measuring: 8:30 am to 9:00 am.
Judging Commences: 9:00 am.
Order of Judging: As per entry schedule / catalogue.
Entry Fee: $5.00 per dog, per Test / Event.
Closing Date: Friday 13th October 2017 – No late entries will be accepted.
Meals: BYO food. Drinks, tea and coffee will be available for purchase in the clubhouse.
Entries: Please submit entries using K9 Entries .
Online entries only.
       Enquiries: Peter Kandlbinder   Phone – 0417041999,   Email –
Payments: Direct deposit only either online or via any Commonwealth Bank branch
       BSB: 062161   Account No.: 10063988   Account Name: Parramatta International Canine Sports Inc
Please ensure you use the ADAA handler number from your entry form as your payment reference.
Prizes: Ribbon for first, second, and third place each test / game, provided more than five bona fide entries received, otherwise Prize for qualifying first place only.
Weave Pole Spacing: 600mm.

# Competition to be held under the Rules and Agility Regulations of the Agility Dog Association of Australia Ltd (judging/scoring details for Games will be announced by the judge prior to the Event).
# All dogs and handlers must be registered with ADAA. Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry and to substitute judges as required. Dogs under 18 months of age not eligible for entry.
# For the purpose of ascertaining the eligibility to enter the appropriate standard at an exhibition, all ‘Clear Round’ certificates and ‘Qualifying’ certificates up to and including three days before the date on which entries close shall count.
# By entering this ADAA competition you agree that you have read and understand the ADAA refund policy which is available at and by lodging your entries, you agree with and are bound by the ADAA refund policy.
# Any dog who has a contagious disease, or any dog in the same household (and in some cases any dog who has been exposed to a contagious disease), is excluded from any ADAA sanctioned event as outlined in the Canine Contagious Disease Policy. By entering this ADAA sanctioned event you agree that you have read and understand the Canine Contagious Disease Policy, which is available at:
# It is a condition of entry that handlers assist in course changes, scribing and/or timekeeping.

Ring One – Judge: Katie Jones

1a. Open A Maxi Individual Game – Power & Speed
1b. Open A Midi Individual Game – Power & Speed
1c. Open A Mini Individual Game – Power & Speed
1d. Open A Toy Individual Game – Power & Speed
1e. Regular-Open A Toy Individual Game – Power & Speed
1f.  Regular-Open A Mini Individual Game – Power & Speed
1g. Regular-Open A Midi Individual Game – Power & Speed
1h. Regular-Open A Maxi Individual Game – Power & Speed

2a. Open A Maxi Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round
2b. Open A Midi Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round
2c. Open A Mini Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round
2d. Open A Toy Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round
2e. Regular-Open A Toy Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round
2f.  Regular-Open A Mini Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round
2g. Regular-Open A Midi Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round
2h. Regular-Open A Maxi Individual Gamblers – ADAA Medallion Stakes Round

3a. Open A Maxi Agility Test
3b. Open A Midi Agility Test
3c. Open A Mini Agility Test
3d. Open A Toy Agility Test
3e. Regular-Open A Toy Agility Test
3f.  Regular-Open A Mini Agility Test
3g. Regular-Open A Midi Agility Test
3h. Regular-Open A Maxi Agility Test

4a. Intermediate Maxi Agility Test
4b. Intermediate Midi Agility Test
4c. Intermediate Mini Agility Test
4d. Intermediate Toy Agility Test
4e. Regular-Intermediate Toy Agility Test
4f.  Junior-Intermediate Toy Agility Test
4g. Regular-Intermediate Mini Agility Test
4h. Junior-Intermediate Mini Agility Test
4i.  Regular-Intermediate Midi Agility Test
4j.  Junior-Intermediate Midi Agility Test
4k. Regular-Intermediate Maxi Agility Test
4l.  Junior-Intermediate Maxi Agility Test

5a. Combined-Elementary Maxi Agility Test
5b. Junior-Elementary Maxi Agility Test
5c. Combined-Elementary Midi Agility Test
5d. Junior-Elementary Midi Agility Test
5e. Combined-Elementary Mini Agility Test
5f.  Junior-Elementary Mini Agility Test
5g. Combined-Elementary Toy Agility Test
5h. Junior-Elementary Toy Agility Test

Ring One – Judge: Cathy Reade

6a. Combined-Starters Toy Jumping Test
6b. Junior-Starters Toy Jumping Test
6c. Combined-Starters Mini Jumping Test
6d. Junior-Starters Mini Jumping Test
6e. Combined-Starters Midi Jumping Test
6f.  Junior-Starters Midi Jumping Test
6g. Combined-Starters Maxi Jumping Test
6h. Junior-Starters Maxi Jumping Test

7a. Regular-Intermediate Toy Jumping Test
7b. Junior-Intermediate Toy Jumping Test
7c. Regular-Intermediate Mini Jumping Test
7d. Junior-Intermediate Mini Jumping Test
7e. Regular-Intermediate Midi Jumping Test
7f.  Junior-Intermediate Midi Jumping Test
7g. Regular-Intermediate Maxi Jumping Test
7h. Junior-Intermediate Maxi Jumping Test
7i.  Intermediate Maxi Jumping Test
7j.   Intermediate Midi Jumping Test
7k. Intermediate Mini Jumping Test
7l.  Intermediate Toy Jumping Test

8a. Regular-Open A Toy Jumping Test
8b. Regular-Open A Mini Jumping Test
8c. Regular-Open A Midi Jumping Test
8d. Regular-Open A Maxi Jumping Test
8e. Open A Maxi Jumping Test
8f.  Open A Midi Jumping Test
8g. Open A Mini Jumping Test
8h. Open A Toy Jumping Test

9a. Regular-Advanced Toy Jumping Test
9b. Regular-Advanced Mini Jumping Test
9c. Regular-Advanced Midi Jumping Test
9d. Regular-Advanced Maxi Jumping Test
9e. Advanced Maxi Jumping Test
9f.  Advanced Midi Jumping Test
9g. Advanced Mini Jumping Test
9h. Advanced Toy Jumping Test

10a. Combined-Open A Toy 3 Dog Team Relay – Jumping
10b. Combined-Open A Mini 3 Dog Team Relay – Jumping
10c. Combined-Open A Midi 3 Dog Team Relay – Jumping
10d. Combined-Open A Maxi 3 Dog Team Relay – Jumping

Note: Dogs may only be entered in any one Class a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k or l from each event.
Dogs in Starters / Elementary (non AAD/RAAD titled dogs): non AAD/RAAD titled dogs may compete in Open A Events but may not compete in Open B Events.
Advanced Tests: May only be entered by dogs who have been awarded their SAAD/R-SAAD (or MAAD/R-MAAD) title.
Team/Pairs Events – Important: Put details of Team or Pairs members on your entry form. Details to include Handler’s names and membership numbers and Dog’s names and registration numbers.
Teams/Pairs must enter the class jumping at the Combined Programme height of the largest dog in the Team or Pair. Permitted combinations of dogs at each Combined Programme height are:
Combined Teams/Pairs Height     Dog combinations      
Toy (Jumping 150mm)                     Toy dogs only               
Mini (Jumping 250mm)                    Toy/Mini dogs               
Midi (Jumping 400mm)                    Toy/Mini/Midi dogs        
Maxi (Jumping 500mm)                   Toy/Mini/Midi/Maxi dogs

Reminder: Dogs eligible for their BAAD title may not enter Elementary. Dogs eligible for their AAD title may not enter Elementary and/or Starters Tests. Dogs awarded their SAAD title or that have been awarded five Intermediate Agility Clear Round Certificates after being awarded their AAD title may not enter Starters, Elementary and/or Intermediate Tests.
Combined Tests: Regular registered dogs may compete with International registered dogs.
Juniors: Juniors entering a competition, or handling a dog at a competition, will need to submit the Parent/Guardian Permission Slip (PDF) with their entries.