National Grand Prix – Entries Last Call 2017

Don’t forget that cut off for National Grand Prix entries is today!!!

The full schedule is available for you to read before you lodge your online entry.   If you have already lodged an entry for one dog and wish to enter a subsequent dog, the close off for that is also today and we will need to provide you with a (personalised) ‘coupon’ so that you only pay the subsequent dog fee.  To get this coupon you will need to email our NGP ‘hotline’.  Similarly if you have a dog to run in Tunnelers only, please email us.

If you have selected “Enter all Individual Classes eligible for”, we will automatically move your dog into correct classes once the date for title close off passes.  If you have any other changes for your NGP entry (whether that’s changes to team members, a new team, change of handler) please email us.  You are reminded that we may not see posts to ADAA’s Facebook page and there may be delays if you email other ADAA contacts.

Michelle-Anne Kenny
National Grand Prix Co-ordinator