Agility Judges’ Training Programme

Aspiring ADAA judges may obtain, at any time from ADAA, a Judges’ Training Programme Expression of Interest Pack. A current copy of the Agility Regulations is required to complete the Pre-Acceptance Assignment.

Judges who successfully complete the initial programme are recognised as Level 1 judges and are not responsible for designing courses (can judge using courses supplied by ADAA). The course design process is learnt as part of the progression to a Level 2 judge. Course design and the art of course nesting is an important component of being an ADAA judge. This skill is developed over time.

General Information for Aspiring Judges

The Expression of Interest Pack will allow aspiring judges to Scribe, Score-keep and act as Time-keeper at official competitions and have such experience formally recognised and annotated on the appropriate form. Aspiring judges who have submitted an Expression of Interest Form will also be able to submit course designs for informal feedback from members of the Judges’ Training Committee.

Expressing your interest early and obtaining regular, albeit informal, feedback from senior judges can be of great assistance when it comes time to commence formal Judges’ Training.

Meeting Requirements

To complete the “Expression of Interest” form aspiring judges will need to commit and / or meet / understand the following requirements:

  • Provide evidence of acting as a Scribe, Time-keeper and Score-keeper (each on two occasions) on the specified form.
  • Complete a pre-acceptance assignment.
  • Attach details of previous experience (judging at club level etc).
  • Complete details with reference to holding a club committee position.
  • Complete details with regards to handling a dog at an ADAA Competition.
  • Agree to be able to supply course design (during assignments) to scale on grid.
  • Agree that you have access to the book, Fundamentals of Course Design for Dog Agility by Stuart Mah.
  • Agree that you have upheld ADAA Rules and Regulations and promoted ADAA in a positive manner.
  • Agree to attend two separate two-day camps. The Initial (first) Judges’ Training Camp will be at the start of the training programme and the Closing (second) Judges’ Training Camp will be at the end of the 6-month training programme.
  • The Initial Judges’ Training Camp will be two days with an assignment to complete at the completion of the weekend.
  • The programme requires you to spend time in the ring alongside a qualified judge. This entails a minimum of 4 separate competitions and at least 12 hours.
  • The Closing Judges’ Training Camp will consist of revision / discussion about any aspects of judging and preparation for the theory exam. If the trainee is successful with the theory exam and have met all the criteria for practical judging skills, then they will be awarded Level 1 judging status.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the ADAA Judge training program.