IFCS World Agility Championship – Team Australia

The ADAA Board of Directors is delighted to provide full details of Team Australia, and their host dogs, who will be competing at the IFCS World Agility Championships being held at Valencia in Spain in April 2017:

Jen Deuis – Tenacious Turtle (owned by Kirstin O’Neill)
Simone Holt – Time (owned by Nicola Giraudi)
Natalie Kirkwood – Dezi Husson (owned by Linda Husson)
Neil Lester – Full Metalic Jacket (owned by Armando Damiani)
Billie O’Connor – Moseleywood Inky (owned by Liz Carpenter)
Cathy Slot – Switch (owned by Kim Dunsdon)

Amin Awad – (Host Dog TBA)

Reserve team dogs:

Chips (owned by Seanna O’Neill)
Mya (owned by Jesus Fernandez)
Nano (owned by Isa Gimeno Palacios)
Niki (owned by Adolfo Campos)

It is with sincere and many thanks to our host dog owners for generously allowing their dogs to be a member of Team Australia.

Cathy Slot