Ways to Find a Pair or Team to Join

Team partners may be organised at club level or inter-club level. Alternatively, members may direct a general request to the ADAAchat email list asking for a partner or team mates. If you ask around at your club, or an ADAA competition, you will probably find a partner. Another option is to contact the Competition Secretary of the event you want to enter. If you let them know that you are looking for a partner or team mates, they will try to match you up with someone who is also seeking partners. The details on how to contact the Competition Secretary will be on the Events Schedule.

Each dog (or dog’s handler if your dog can not write yet) within a team is to submit an entry form. All members of a team are to be listed on each entry form. The handler’s membership number and the dog’s registration number are to be included. Teams should include a team name on the entry form. All members of the team should include the team name on their entry form. You can see an example of a filled in entry form here (PDF – will open in a new window). See also our Competition Entry Form Help page.

If you are not sure yet of who your partners will be, put TBA, but be sure to let the Competition Secretary know ASAP and before the competition close date. If you need them to help you find a team, write a note on your entry form indicating that.

All information with regards to team members’ membership number and dog registration numbers are to be sought directly from the handler / dog owner in question. Write each others numbers down when you are organising your team or pair.

Competition entry forms can be downloaded at our forms pages.

Pairs and Team events are fun – have a great time!


Winning Maxi Team 2001 Grand Prix - Photo by SDM Photography 2001 Grand Prix Mini Team Runner Up