From the ADAA Chair … August 2017

Member “Pack Names”

With all of the fun of the National Grand Prix schedule being released we forgot to let you know our Member “Pack Names” are open.  This is one way to have all of your dogs recognised as part of your family.  The process is that you apply for a Pack Name, which you can do from My Details.  Once you have been advised that your Pack Name has been approved, you nominate your dogs that you wish to have your Pack Name attached to.  Pack Names will be used on Clear Round and Qualifying Certificates as well as Title Certificates.

Details are in our Member Pack Name Policy.

Toys and Competitions

I’m pretty sure most of our members realise that you can only have a toy in your hand (in the ring) if you have indicated you will be running as Not For Competition.  Don’t forget that, under Regulation 19.2 of the ADAA Agility Regulations, you may not place a toy on the ground, outside the ring, for the purpose of sending your dog to after the completion of the last obstacle.  This is a very important safety requirement.

Cathy Slot
ADAA Chairman