From the ADAA Chair … March 2016

CathyThe ADAA Board of Directors is delighted that Liz White has accepted appointment as NSW Regional Representative (casual vacancy until next Annual General Meeting). Liz previously held a position on the Board from 2001 to 2004, so we look forward to her new insights and contribution.

Congratulations to Lisa Henshaw (NSW) on elevation to Level 3 ADAA Judge. Welcome also to Leigh-Ayn Absolom (WA) as a new Trainee Judge. Along those lines, congratulations to Neil Lester (Qld) for his first appointment as Level 1 Judge and Tanya McAndrew (Qld) for her first time in the ring as a Trainee Judge. It is through the generosity of members in giving up their time that we all get to enjoy our sport.

ADAA will be trialling direct deposits of entry fees for NSW Competitions for Title hosted by ADAA. In order to be able to match your payment with your entry, please include the information outlined in the competition schedule with your deposit. Please also note that this account is only for NSW competition entries (hosted by ADAA) and will only be monitored for that purpose.

The ADAA Board is pleased to advise that, effective immediately, where an entry has been lodged through K9 Entries, unless requested/required by the host Club, it is not mandatory for a copy of the entry form to be provided to the Competition Secretary.

It is certainly through the regular and ongoing generosity of members such as Denise Iglesias (who recently transported equipment from Queensland to NSW) that ADAA can offer low fees to its members. Thanks Denise!!

Are you looking to participate? We are looking for volunteers/helpers for our National Grand Prix 2016 Sub-Committee. Contact Michelle Kenny if you are interested.

May you cherish your time and enjoy your training with your dog and achieve your goals.

Cathy Slot
ADAA Chairman