From the ADAA Chair … March 2007

CathyThe Board continues to look towards making innovations and improvements to our Agility programme for members. We are hoping that the Qld Fundraiser competitions will serve two purposes – to meet requests from members for more competitions and to provide for more equipment. The competitions are moving around to different venues, November held at PADS, February held at ADCQ. If you have a location that you think may be appropriate, and you can do some of the groundwork first to confirm suitability let us know. In NSW, we are also actively seeking to increase the number of events and are looking to work with existing groups to ensure that Judges are available (perhaps by getting Qld Judges down more regularly). In addition, we have three Judges in NSW currently participating in the Judges Training programme. Thank you to Cathy Reade, Jim Hull and Lisa Henshaw for stepping up to the mark. Special thanks to Mal Williams for continuing to provide guidance and leadership for our NSW Judges Training programme.

The Queensland Pet & Animal Expo has changed its organisers and face and is now called the Spectacular Petacular. It will be held at the RNA showgrounds. We have arranged for a one ring, limited schedule, competition. Check out the schedule and, if it’s an appropriate venue for your dog, come and compete in front of the crowds!!

June is Training Camp month for Queensland (23-24 June 2007) with all of the information available via the Agility Calendar. So take the opportunity to check it out and get your booking form in nice and early. The NSW Training camp will be held in September (1-2 September 2007), a change from the original schedule due to venue availability, and details will be available in the not too distant future. Both camps will cater for beginners through to advanced handlers/trainers so schedule the appropriate date in your diary, so you can come learn and have fun with your dog.

ADAA has many volunteers, some, like the Board of Directors are more visible, and others do work behind the scenes. It was quite disappointing that out of the many members we have, only a few (one of those a Junior) offered assistance by providing some information on their skills. The reason for this request is multiple. On occasions we are seeking information from someone in a particular area/industry (we just want to ask a question), we are looking for contacts in a particular sector, or in some cases, need a hand to get something done. Be assured that the intent of this is not to lumber members with tasks they don’t wish to participate in, or don’t have time to do. Please do not assume that just because we see you at a competition, we know what your skills are. So…..please think about it and provide Natalie Kirkwood with information on your skills by email or by post (PO Box 2212, Gailes Qld 4300).

Grand Prix 2007
The countdown begins….

We have less than seven months to go before this year’s Grand Prix, and with the new look format, you’re going to need every day to prepare for this year’s event!!! Congratulations to Maureen Austin, our first Grand Prix winner of the year, for making a submission to the Grand Prix membership survey.

We’ve just about doubled the prize pool, with the additional events and challenges that have been added. We now have Challenges for Starters, Intermediate and Juniors as well as providing additional challenges for the Open Agility/Jumping events and Open Games events. Special thanks to our major sponsors, Brisbane Pet Motel and Nutro Choice for assisting us in adding these extra prizes. We will continue to give members the opportunity to make a sponsorship contribution, plus we have added a range of other sponsorship opportunities for individuals and/or businesses. This year we’re going international, with two overseas Judges who will be judging for the entire weekend.

Back, by popular demand, is the 24 Weave Pole challenge. We’re using it as one of our ‘warm-up’ events being held on the Friday night. Enjoy your Friday night dinner (which is complimentary if you purchase all food for the weekend) while watching/participating in the Weave Pole Challenge and Steeplechase.

Be sure to join your comrades in the sit-down breakfasts each morning, being held around 7.00am in the dinner hall, and fuel up for your big day of events.

This year’s Sunday dinner theme is ‘True Blue’. You don’t necessarily need to dress up to the theme, but you could either dress up your table, wear a hat, or whatever to join in on the theme. While the obvious conclusion would be to dress up in something Australian, or as John Williams (!), I am sure that there are many other interpretations to this theme – show us all how imaginative you are!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Cathy Slot
ADAA Chair