From the ADAA Chair … December 2017


This month’s Chair report is all about gratitude…. for our wonderful members who contribute so much throughout the year for the joy of others.

Firstly I would like to thank my fellow ADAA Board members – Steve Drinkwater, Michelle Kenny, Frances Miller and Liz White. All of our Board members volunteer many hours to ensure the smooth running of ADAA and in delivering services and assistance to our members.

Next I would like to thank my fellow ADAA Judges – Leigh-Ayn Absolom, Loyd Barker, Wendy Blakeston, Jody Brown, Siegfried Clever, Denise Crook, Jeff Day, Jen Deuis, Steve Drinkwater, Nicole Ford, Sylvia Hamilton, Tracey Harris0n-Hill, Lisa Henshaw, Simone Holt, Jim Hull, Katie Jones, Natalie Kirkwood, Anne Lacy-Herbert, Neil Lester, Margaret Lind, Matt Lovatt, Tanya McAndrew, Frances Miller, Alison Muddle, Vicki Nemeth, Damian Noud, Jules Pearson, Cathy Reade, Tony Redwood, Wayne Stutz, Steph Winter and Liz Yuill.

Special thanks to Lyndal Nichols who has, at the end of this year, stepped down from judging in the ring. Lyndal will stay on, as has Mal Williams, to assist with course design from time to time. Lyndal was one of our first ADAA Judges and has always been a cheerful and kind contributor to ADAA and our members, whether as a Judge, ADAA Board Member or at a club level. Thank you also to Debbie Duce who also stepped down from judging (after 6 years).  We welcome Jim Hull for accepting appointment to the Judges Training Committee (JTC), we look forward to you joining my fellow JTC members – Wendy Blakeston, Steve Drinkwater, Natalie Kirkwood, Wayne Stutz and Mal Williams, looking after new ADAA Judges.

We have some other members who volunteer throughout the year and without whom many things would not be possible. Thank you so much to our NSW members who organise and run all of the ADAA NSW competitions – Alyssa Ablitt, Marion Bland, Sue Crawford, Lisa Henshaw, Jim Hull, Kerri Lowis and Liz White. For the majority of the year (and for many prior years) Loyd Barker and Andy Gibney looked after the ADAA NSW equipment trailer and getting it to/from competitions, handing it over to Liz White in the second half of the year, with assistance from ADAA members (in particular Vanessa Dowson) getting it to and from competitions. Thanks also to Terry and Helen Hillman who maintain and get the ADAA timing equipment to all of the competitions. Thanks also to our Medallion Stakes Coordinators for calculating and uploading Medallion Stakes results for our four regions – Amin Awad, Siegfried Clever, Nicole Ford and Jo McCormick.

Finally special thanks to a small group of core people who are the foundation to everything that happens on a day-to-day basis for ADAA – Sam Bois and Wendy Blakeston for processing all of the title applications (supported by Billie O’Connor organising portraits done for Handler Awards), Carl Steele and Sharon Steele for looking after our website and Samantha Varano for handling all of the behind the scenes administrative effort.

May you cherish your time and enjoy your training with your dog and achieve your goals.

Cathy Slot
ADAA Chairman