From the ADAA Chair … October 2017

CathyWe aren’t even at the end of the year and ADAA, and its members, have accomplished so many achievements.  I will do a separate wrap up for our National Grand Prix, that we held 29 September to 2 October 2017 at AELEC, so this update is about all other things ADAA.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Loyd Barker (and Andrea Gibney) for very many years of caring for and towing the ADAA equipment trailer in NSW, and only recently relinquishing this responsibility to a group of other NSW members.  This has been an immense contribution to ADAA, which isn’t just about having to store and look after the trailer (registration checks and maintenance required), but also (usually) being one of the first to arrive at a competition and one of the last to leave, often taking responsibility for ensuring that everything is packed correctly, not being able to take your caravan (because you are towing ADAA equipment) and always having to be there (even if you don’t feel 100% or aren’t running your own dog).  Loyd also towed the NSW equipment to/from the National Grand Prix for many years.  Loyd and Andrea – on behalf of ADAA, all of our NSW members and all of our NSW clubs – thank you.

ADAA is extremely fortunate to have a pool of dedicated Judges.  I would like to recognise some of the great work by our Judges in progressing their skills.  Congratulations to Jim Hull, Siegfried Clever and Katie Jones for elevation to Level 4.  I am delighted to also congratulate and welcome Tanya McAndrew (Qld) upon being appointed as an ADAA Level 1 Judge in August.  We appreciate all of your hard work and effort to getting to this point.  Welcome to our team, and we look forward to seeing you enjoying your judging experiences.

It’s hard to find an ADAA member for whom their dog(s) are not an integral part of their family.  A little while ago we released our Member Pack Name Policy.  Essentially, this allows you to have your “Pack name” (could be your surname, or something totally different if you’d prefer) added to your dogs registered with ADAA, to recognise them as part of your ‘family’.  Get your Pack Name approved first (log onto My Details and click the Apply for Pack Name button at the top).  Once your Pack Name is approve, you can nominate your dog(s) to have it added to.  There is a once-off fee to get your Pack Name issued and then a small fee per dog.

Congratulations to Dog Sports New England for affiliating and holding their first ADAA Competition for Titles 7 and 8 October 2017.  Special thanks to all of our ADAA members and extended ‘family’ for voting for the club allowing them to be the recipients of a $3000 grant from a local financial institution.  Definitely people-power at its best.

As you have seen, our ADAA website and online facilities have been progressively increasing.  You can now access competition results online (first available for our National Grand Prix) as well as competition courses made available by our Judges (for instance, check out all of the National Grand Prix courses).  We have a number of new improvements just about ready to roll out.  We think one of the most exciting of these will be an upgrade to our online Title applications without submitting original certificates for certificates earned after 1 January 2018!!!  We will keep track of the clear round/qualifying certificates you have earned from 1 January onwards and you can allocate them against the title of your choice.  For certificates earned before 1 January the process will be the same as it is now and these will still need to be sent in.

May you cherish your time and enjoy your training with your dog and achieve your goals.

Cathy Slot
ADAA Chairman