From the Chair…. a start to the Year

CathyWow, what a crazy start to the year we have had weather-wise.  I hope you, your family and your dogs are keeping safe.

Many of members have already been exploring ADAA’s online competition entry system now up and running.  Great to see lots of logins and activity on the site and we look forward to rolling out some more benefits during the upcoming year.  One of these is that as soon as you lodge an online title application for BAAD, AAD, SAAD or R-SAAD  the available classes (from 8.00 am the following day) will reflect the applications that you have submitted.  Please note that if your payment and certificates (if applicable) have not been received by ADAA within three weeks, then the move-up will automatically lapse.

Don’t forget that our online title application system is available as well.  In addition, to giving the above benefit, when you apply for your dogs’ titles using our online application, you will be able to see Clear Round and Qualifying Certificates earned from 1 January 2018 onwards and then be able to select which ones you wish to apply to a title (these certificates do not have to posted to ADAA).  This means that if all of your certificates are dated after 1 January 2018, you can pay online and don’t have to post anything in.  Please note that you still have to post certificates dated on or before 31 December 2017, and these will be returned to you once the application is processed.

Australia has been represented at nearly every IFCS World Agility Championships (WAC) since 2004…. initially as judges and/or officials, then as competitors for the first time in 2006 (Belgium). In 2010 Australia was represented at IFCS WAC held in UK by its first full team. This was followed by a full team in 2012 (USA) and a near-full team in 2014 (Netherlands), and teams in 2015 (Italy) and 2017 (Spain). Representing your country at the World Championships is an honour to be cherished. Nevertheless the experience for Team Australia is different to nearly all of the other countries as we utilise host dogs…. so that means forging (often lifetime) friendships with host dog owners and sometimes digging deep in your dog training skills as well as competing against the top handlers and dogs in the world.

The ADAA Board of Directors has received one nomination for Team Australia and congratulates Cathy Slot and her host dog Switch (owned by Kim Dunsdon) who will be competing at the IFCS World Agility Championships being held at Milan in Italy in April 2018.  We mention that there is an Exceptional Circumstances provision for team selection so if you didn’t apply, but would now like to, you can make a submission.  Read the full Team Handler Selection Policy to get all of the details.

May you cherish your time and enjoy your training with your dog and achieve your goals.

Cathy Slot
ADAA Chairman