Handler Profile ~ Keith Thomas

Where do you live? I live in Annandale which is a suburb of Townsville in North Queensland the best part of Australia. (Unbiased Opinion ) Occupation: I am an Electrician but these days spend all my time sitting at a computer ensuring that all the Citiwater Electrical Staff stay within the law. Describe yourself in … Read more

Handler Profile ~ Lisa Ruberry

Where do you live? Bribie Island, Queensland Occupation: Teacher Describe yourself: My husband Rob and I live 4 minutes away from work and walk there most days. With our family of three dogs – Darcy, Merlin and Yasmin, we go to the beach at least once a week and enjoy riding and walking around Bribie … Read more

Handler Profile ~ Natalie Kirkwood

Where do you live? 2 acres in Camira, Qld Occupation: Aircraft Technician or Uni student depending on the day of the week. Describe yourself in 25 words or less: Busy, easy-going, positive, sensitive, Bearded Collie devotee. Describe your Agility vehicle: I am on to my 5th white ute, so I guess that about sums it … Read more

Handler Profile ~ Margaret Lind

Where do you live? I live at Stafford, an intercity suburb on the northern side of Brisbane with my husband Peter, our two Siamese cats (Casper and Xena) and Ginger (poodle cross). Occupation: I am a Registered Nurse and have worked at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital since graduating some 18 years ago. My … Read more

Handler Profile ~ Heidi Bradshaw

Where do you live? Tinana (Maryborough) We live on 2.5 acres which my dogs just love to romp in, although the paddock has become a place where you need to stay alert as Gulliver (my 10 month old foal) loves to chase the dogs. Occupation: Trainer – Child Care studies Describe yourself in 25 words … Read more

Handler Profile ~ Lisa Henshaw

Gidget and Hector Where do you live? Camden NSW Occupation: Veterinarian Partner: Jim Hull, also runs Gidget Describe yourself in 25 words or less: Busy (Jim says bossy!). We share our house with Gidget and 2 cats, Millie and Hector. Describe your agility vehicle: Very unreliable Magna station-wagon, good for sleeping in the back with … Read more

Handler Profile ~ Lyndal Nichols

Where do you live? On a little ex-dairy farm about 100kms north west of Brisbane. Occupation: I had a commercial crop of Rosellas in over Spring / Autumn. Apart from the occasional agricultural endeavour, I look after my children and manage the sheep, chooks, turkeys, house cows etc. I procrastinate about doing the BAS for … Read more

Handler Profile ~ Elsina Meyer

Where do you live? In Figtree, which is a suburb of Wollongong, NSW Occupation: Sub-editor for a medical journal. Describe yourself in 25 words or less: Tall, rapidly becoming middle-aged (aaargh!), independent (some would say arrogant!), control-freak, not particularly patient, perfectionist in areas that matter to me, usually sleep-deprived. Describe your agility vehicle: If this … Read more