IFCS World Agility Championship – Latest News

Check back to this page for the latest news on Team Australia at the IFCS World Agility Championship in Valencia, Spain. Sunday’s Live Stream from WAC Final Team Selections for Team Australia: Cathy Slot Australian Switch Natalie Kirkwood Australian Dezi Simone Holt Australian Bia Neil Lester Australian Full Metalic Jacket Amin Awad Australian Chips Billie … Read more

Ways to Find a Pair or Team to Join

Team partners may be organised at club level or inter-club level. Alternatively, members may direct a general request to the ADAAchat email list asking for a partner or team mates. If you ask around at your club, or an ADAA competition, you will probably find a partner. Another option is to contact the Competition Secretary … Read more

Agility Judges’ Training Programme

Aspiring ADAA judges may obtain, at any time from ADAA, a Judges’ Training Programme Expression of Interest Pack. A current copy of the Agility Regulations is required to complete the Pre-Acceptance Assignment. Judges who successfully complete the initial programme are recognised as Level 1 judges and are not responsible for designing courses (can judge using … Read more

The Games We Play! ~ by Marion Allen

Marion is a Judge and designs many interesting Games courses. Other resources on games include: Games – Where do I Start? (article by Natalie Kirkwood, includes log book sample) Wild Strategic Tunnels – Pairs Game Debrief (article by Marion Allen, includes the course design) Finding a Team or Pair (tips on getting a partner or … Read more