Little Champions

~ by Lyndal Nichols Not so long ago, I thought that small dogs, toy dogs, lap dogs and the like were a waste of good dog food and were only useful to the elderly, those in confined conditions and the naive conformation breeder. I believed the Toy poodles, Italian Greyhounds, Yorkshire Terriers, Papillons and Chihuahuas, … Read more

Cooper’s Story

~ by Sam Bois The recent agility competition at PADS rates in my mind as one of the most satisfying and rewarding competitions I have ever attended and probably will be for a very long time. Why you ask? Well, I didn’t win a competition and I didn’t earn a title but I did accomplish … Read more

Fitting a Head Halter

~ by Sharon Steele Author’s Note: This article was written several years ago, aimed primarily at the ‘average pet owner’ (actually, the average Boxer owner, hence some of the wording and expectations of the dogs behaviour in this article). The expected reading audience were those who probably did not go to formal training classes and … Read more