Annual Canine Awards 2017-2018

I am pleased to advise that the Annual Canine Awards Rounds 2017-2018 to the end of December 2017 have been released.  Competition Schedules have been updated to include Medallion Stakes Rounds. Also, following release of the Agility Regulations 10th Edition -May 2017 which includes rules for the conduct of Steeplechase events and a suggestion received, … Read moreAnnual Canine Awards 2017-2018

IFCS World Agility Championship – Latest News

Check back to this page for the latest news on Team Australia at the IFCS World Agility Championship in Valencia, Spain. Sunday’s Live Stream from WAC Final Team Selections for Team Australia: Cathy Slot Australian Switch Natalie Kirkwood Australian Dezi Simone Holt Australian Bia Neil Lester Australian Full Metalic Jacket Amin Awad Australian Chips Billie … Read moreIFCS World Agility Championship – Latest News