Ways to Find a Pair or Team to Join

Team partners may be organised at club level or inter-club level. Alternatively, members may direct a general request to the ADAAchat email list asking for a partner or team mates. If you ask around at your club, or an ADAA competition, you will probably find a partner. Another option is to contact the Competition Secretary … Read more

Agility Judges’ Training Programme

Aspiring ADAA judges may obtain, at any time from ADAA, a Judges’ Training Programme Expression of Interest Pack. A current copy of the Agility Regulations is required to complete the Pre-Acceptance Assignment. Judges who successfully complete the initial programme are recognised as Level 1 judges and are not responsible for designing courses (can judge using … Read more

The Games We Play! ~ by Marion Allen

Marion is a Judge and designs many interesting Games courses. Other resources on games include: Games – Where do I Start? (article by Natalie Kirkwood, includes log book sample) Wild Strategic Tunnels – Pairs Game Debrief (article by Marion Allen, includes the course design) Finding a Team or Pair (tips on getting a partner or … Read more